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bullet 12/6/12- Tournament Time

Today is our last meeting before our tournament on Saturday. We are practicing the presentation of our robot, and applying finishing touches. We are practicing driving and operating our robot, and we are trying to decide who will drive/operate. We have brainstormed potential names for our robot and we're thinking about naming him Caesar. We've had a very fun season, and we're all excited about the tournament!


9/27/12- Decided on robot design

Today we decided to make our robot a hybrid lifter. This means that our robot will mainly lift, but will also have the ability to hang rings. We will brainstorm ideas for lifting, and designs for the arm in future meetings.


9/8/2012- The first meeting

Most of the team has had some sort of experience in a program like Bomb Squad, or Bomb Squad itself. Our team consists of five 9th graders and three 8th graders. In our first meeting we went over game strategies, and engaged in speaking exercises to 'break the ice' and prepare for speaking in front of judges. For the team members with no past experience, it was difficult to understand all of the various game strategies and terms. The more experienced team members helped the new members to understand the ideas and concepts that were proposed. At the end of our practice, we can honestly say that our team is promising and has gotten off to a good start.

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