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2012 - 13 Ring it Up! Game Description

In Ring it Up! two teams are paired in an alliance and attempt to score points against an opposing alliance. The playing field is a 12X12 square that contains 36 normal rings, 12 weighted rings, 4 autonomous rings, and a 4'1 foot rack with a 3X3 column grid. The alliances score points by hanging rings on the columns and corner goals. The teams can also score points by lifting the robot of their alliance off of the court. The field is divided into two halves that contain a rack which holds the rings and a corner goal on which weighted rings are hung. The 12 weighted rings can be hung on their alliance team's corner goal to earn a 20% bonus. Each team will have to do this during a 30 second autonomous period and 2 minute manual (player controlled) period.

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