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Junior Bomb Squad

Team Info

Team Info


What the team is (2012 - 13)

Our school is Mountain Home Junior High located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Our team is composed of 3 8th graders and 5 freshmen, a total of 8 team members. 

Our team, Junior Bomb Squad, is a team centered on the progression and development of science, technology, gracious professionalism, and creativity.  We are a part of the FIRST organization and accomplish these ideals by designing a competitive robot that competes in organized robotic competitions.  Our ability to achieve these principles comes from the help of our mentors and community sponsors. This culminates together in an ideal learning environment where we can not only realize these principles, but become skilled at communication and leadership skills.

Planning Team – Designate the tasks of importance and rank them accordingly. This team is also responsible for brainstorming ideas to accomplish the various tasks.

Scouting Team – Evaluates other teams on and off the field and records their findings. This is usually preformed at the competitions, but some can be done during team meetings. The information gathered is used during alliance selections and to better the team in future years.

Website Team – Updates and regulates what is put on the website. They are also responsible for the design of the website and any maintenance require of the website.

Engineering notebook – Records all ideas, experiences, and accomplishments of the team. This is a responsibility of all team members and all are required to update regularly.

Build Team – Is responsible for the actual creation of the robot. They execute the finalized ideas of the Planning Team and build using the Design Team’s drawings. They are also responsible with making sure that the finalized robot is in compliance with the rules.

Programming Team – This team creates the code (RobotC) that the robot will use to operate. Another and more prevailing responsibility is that of programming the autonomous feature of the robot, which is run at the beginning of each match (the first 30seconds).

CAD design Team – Brings the abstract ideas of the planning team together and decides whether they are achievable designs.  This is done through a program called Solid Works, which allows major components of the robot to be designed before they are actually built, preventing possible future problems.

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