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2012 - 13 Team Members:

bullet Brady
bullet David
bullet Doug
bullet Dylan
bullet Hannah
bullet Jarrett
bullet Jonathan
bullet Logan


bullet Andy Marts
bullet Bryan Plumlee
bullet Courtney

Team Members:



Hi, my name is Brady. I am the CAD designer and build team. I joined the team because it seemed fun and I like building things. I am in 8th grade and this is my first year doing this, and I will try to do this next year.




Greetings and salutations, my name is David. I am a current 9th grader who specializes in both programming and robot/team strategy. I have three years of FLL experience in teams, the Fireballs, Silver Spartans, and the Bumblebees. With my three years of Lego participation along with key positions in the programming division of each team, I undertook to further my interests and pursue a spot on Team 92, the Junior Bomb Squad.



Hi, my name is Doug. I joined team 92 because I am interested in robotics and think that it is very interesting. My friends said I should join because its fun and you learn a lot and I'm happy that I joined.




Hello, my name is Dylan and I'm on the Junior Bomb Squad. I'm in the 9th grade. I joined the team because I've been on the FLL team for two years and I was on the team last year. I had a lot of fun last year because I got to drive and I hope to do that again. My hobbies include drumming, video games, and working with computers. In one year I will will try to join the Bomb Squad (FRC). I want to go to college and be some sort of doctor or a robot engineer. I really love FIRST and the cool things I get to do.



Salutations! My name is Hannah. I am in 8th grade, and this is my first year on team 92 of the Junior Bomb Squad. I joined robotics because I love to build and design. I've been interested in FTC since I was very young, and my father volunteered for the high school team. I'm very excited to be on the team, and I plan to stay involved all through my education at Mountain Home High School.




Hello, My name is Jarrett. I'm in 9th grade and this is my first year in FTC. I was in Lego League one year. I joined FTC because I always thought robots were cool. I have an NXT at my house and enjoy building with it. I saw this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge  and skill. I plan on going into an engineering career so the is a great learning experience. My major hobbies are video games, reading, guns, and building just whatever I feel like building.




Hello, my name is Jonathan and I'm in the 9th grade. I was in FLL for four years and I've gone to the World Championships in St. Louis. My sister was in  Bomb Squad so now I want to continue to do that. I rejoined FTC because of my past experience with robotics on the team last year.  I enjoyed the experience so I decided to try out again. For my future I hope to go to the University of Arkansas for Arts  and Engineering.




Hi! My name is Logan and I've been interested in robotics ever since I went to on FLL game to watch my friend play. I was instantly interested and was excited when my friend invited me to be on an FLL team he was making. We played in a local tournament two years in a row winning the second and going to world festival. I saw the FTC being shown at world festival and wanted to look into it. I'm hoping to increase my knowledge in technology so that I can pursue my dream job as a computer graphic designer.

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Andy Marts

I became interested in electronics and engineering in the 6th grade. I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked for Baxter Healthcare for 29 years. I mentor FIRST teams to show students math, science, and yes, even English are used in all facets of technological careers. Hopefully I can affect a student's outlook on school and provide the vision of a pathway to be successful in a technological career.


Bryan Plumlee


My name is Bryan Plumlee.  This is my first year mentoring an FTC team.  I have been interested in both the physical and biological sciences since I was young.  I currently work at Baxter Healthcare Corp where I have been for thirteen years. My educational background is in the life sciences.  Prior to joining Baxter I worked in Biotechnology R and D. I am very impressed with the FTC program as it provides applier engineering experience to the students.  Throughout the season the team learns problem-solving, brainstorming, project planning, and teamwork that will benefit them later in life whether they go into science/engineering or any other discipline.




Hi, my name is Courtney. I am a mentor for team 92 this year. I am in 10th grade and  on the FRC Bomb Squad at the High School.  I joined robotics because it seemed fun, and I was not disappointed. After two years in Junior Bomb Squad, I decided that being an engineer was what I wanted to do with my life. I felt that robotics would help me to achieve my goal, and so far, it has.

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