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FIRST ® Rover Ruckus SM


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This year the Junior Bomb Squad is competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) game called FIRST® Rover Ruckus. 

The 2018-2019 game, FIRST® Rover Ruckus, is played on a 12 foot by 12 foot playing field where two Alliances – one “Red” and one “Blue,” composed of two Teams each – compete in each Match. The object of the game is to attain a higher Score than the opposing Alliance by (1) landing the robot and sampling minerals, (2) deploying the team marker, (3) scoring Minerals into the Lander Cargo Holds, (3) re-attaching the robot to the lader during end game...(Read More)



2018/2019 Team Members




12/1/2018 - Mountain Home, AR FTC Qualifier

We competed in the Mountain Home Qualifying Tournament. At this event, we won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award and we were the Finalist Alliance Captain. We will be competing at the Hot Springs Qualifier for extra practice, and then we will be competing at state.

In these pictures, Timothy and Trent (our team's drivers) were at inspections for our robot.

In this picture, we were waiting for judging to start and going over parts of the robot we are going to show the judges.

This picture is of our robot while we were competing.


12/8/2018 - Mountain Home, AR FLL Qualifier

On December 8th we volunteered at our local FLL tournament so we could demonstrate the FTC game to the FLL kids and help set up. On the 7th we set up our game court and helped the Bomb Squad prepare the FLL field for the competitions the next day. On the 8th we spent the day demonstrating our robot.

In this picture, some of our team members are showing how we built our robot.

Here, our drivers are showing the FLL judges how we drive and operate our robot.

In this photo, Trent (one of our team drivers) was showing our programming and CAD.

Here, Trent is showing some little kids the game pieces we use while one of our mentors puts a part back on the robot.


September 10 was our first meeting, we started our engineering notebook. We spent the beginning of September studying the rules and game manuals. In the last part of September, we focused on brainstorming different parts of our robot. Everyone came up with ideas they thought would work and then we rated them to see which ones had the most potential.


This month (October), we worked on our CAD design for our robot. We were able to complete a lot of the designs and start making/buying parts. Its the end of October now and we have our drive base done and the lift working. We also started brainstorming ideas for our promote video and later in October and later we started filming and editing for the video.


In the beginning of the month of November, we started designing our team marker. We continued working on CAD and the promote video. On November 10th, we were in the middle of building the other attachments for our robot. We worked more on designing the mechanical parts in CAD. Until now, not much programming has been done. Our Autonomous programs are going to barely get done in time for the qualifier. We've also been spending a lot of late nights working.

9/22/2018 - Baxter Employee Appreciation Day

In these pictures, we were volunteering at the Baxter Employee Appreciation Day at the Baxter County Fairgrounds. We enjoyed helping out and working the booths and inflatables, As well as seeing the smiles on peoples faces. This was also a fundraising event for us.

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