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Team Info
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Our Team 2017-2018:

Our school is Mountain Home Junior High located in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

We are one of three teams from Mountain Home, Arkansas. The Junior Bomb Squad is a relatively old team beginning in 2006 the first year FTC was offered, but with only two returning members each year, we are brand new each year. Our goal is to help students discover and learn about engineering, and to use engineering principles to create a functioning, competitive robot. We are able to accomplish this through generous sponsors and awesome mentors. As students we get to learn and apply knowledge, which fosters a better understanding of engineering and school work. We also learn that engineers need skills outside of the STEM umbrella such as writing and verbalizing our ideas.

This year our team has five members, two eighth graders and three ninth graders. In First Tech Challenge there are many different types of tasks to perform, so we split those tasks into general categories. Each team member works primarily in one area, but we only have five people, so everyone does things under many categories.

These categories are:

Strategize- Under this category is figuring out how we will play the game.

Build- Under this category are the physical actions and design of prototypes and parts for the robot.

CAD- This is where parts for the robot and prototypes are designed and/or improved on a computer.

Programming- The members who focus in programming make the programs that make the robot do things by its self. Publicity- This category includes this website and any videos for awards we make.

Engineering Notebook- The notebook gets its own category, because of its importance to the success of the team. Under this category is keeping track of what we do and writing it down.

Scouting- Here we come up with a sheet to rate other robots, and actually scout in competition.






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