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2/26/14- 2/28/14 –FTC South Super Regional

We Won! The south super regional was held in San Antonio, Texas. After a very long drive, we arrived at the convention center, checked in and went to our pits on Wednesday and began to set up. After plugging in our computers and batteries, we double checked to make sure that our robot was still working properly. Then we took our robot to get inspected and passed. The next morning we went to judging where we presented our presentation. The presentation went really well and we felt good about it. Finally, the matches could start! We succeeded in going through the competition without any major complications, and ended up as the second seed with only one loss. We chose team 5309 Plan B and team 7712 the Inteli-gents as our alliance partners. They were high on our scouting list and we had played seeding matches with both teams and worked together well. We won both divisional semifinal and finals matches to advance to the tournament championship. There we lost the first match but came back to win the next two to capture the south super regional championship and advance to the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri April 23rd thru 26th as the winning alliance captain. Below is a picture of our scout team in the stands very excited after we won the tournament.

Junior Bomb Squad Scout Team after winning South Super Regional.

This is a picture of our team.

Junior Bomb Squad Scout Team after winning South Super Regional.

2/8/14- Bomb Squad Visit

Today we went to Guy Berry school, which is where the Bomb Squad has their robotics meetings. We shot some video and pictures and worked on finishing the Promote and Compass awards, and had fun helping the Bomb Squad by making buttons to help promote the team at their competitions.

Team photo at Guy Berry school.

12/21/13- Arkansas State FLL Championship Tournament

Today we showcased our robot at the FLL tournament. We set up our game court and brought this year’s as well as last year’s robot to show the FLL kids. We told the kids about FTC and how soon they would have the opportunity to join and answered any questions they had about our game, program, or robot.

FLL Student driving one of our robots at the Arkansas State FLL Championship Tournament.

11/14/13- Arkansas FTC Competition

Today we hosted and competed in our robotics competition. We started our morning by heading to a class room to give our presentation to the judges. After our presentation we went and organized our pit and then split off into our scouting and driving/operating teams. When one robot moved and made contact with ours while we were moving, our NXT got shocked and whatever action we were doing at that time would be repeated until the program was stopped. At the end of it all, we won final alliance partner and third place inspire award. At first we thought we weren’t moving on, but then….We did! The reason for our success came from third place inspire award, because the first place inspire award winner was first place robot winner and second place inspire award was second place robot winner, and third place inspire award winner got to move on to super-regionals!

Picture of FTC team 92 Junior Bomb Squad at Arkansas FTC Tournament.

11/5/13 – Promote Award

Today after a lot of brainstorming, we decided on an idea for the Promote Award. The Promote Award is “…given to the team that is most successful in creating a compelling video message for the public designed to change our culture and celebrate science, technology, engineering and math.” This year teams participating in the Promote Award are required to create a one minute video that begins with “Leadership is…”.

10/13/13 Prototyping

Today we finished our prototyping and then drew how the robot would fit together with the parts we decided to use. We figured out what our dimensions had to be and where the best spots to place things would be.

White board design of our robot.

10/12/13 Discovery Tech

Today we went to our local library for Discovery Tech. Discovery Tech is a program meant to help spark interests in engineering in both young children and teens alike. We set up a table where we showcased last year’s robot and gave out information about FIRST and more specifically our team. Many members of our community showed interest.

Demonstration at Discovery Tech exhibition at the library.

10/5/13 Everybody’s Able

Today we went to Everybody’s Able. At Everybody’s Able, we were to lead special needs kids through a parade route at a local college, then we showed the kids different tables that showed all the different clubs they could get involved in. We tried to show the kids that the community cares about them and that they have options to get involved. We also had a table set up where we told them about FTC and showded them pictures of our robot.

9/24/13- Helping Other Local Team

Today we assisted another younger local team by assembling their game court. We truly enjoyed helping them, and we look forward to sharing this year’s competition experience with them. The team appreciated our help and brought us cookies to say thank you.

Team 7572 thank you for building their game court.

9/9/13 - The First Meeting

Today was our first Junior Bomb Squad meeting, we started with an activity meant to ‘break the ice’ and help us prepare for talking to the judges. Then we looked at this year’s game and studied the point system so there was an overall mutual understanding. We went over game element definitions so that we could fully understand what the game intended to take place. This is also important so that we know what we should and shouldn’t do while building our robot, and during the actual game play.


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