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2016 - 17 FIRST® Velocity Vortex Game Description

The Game: FIRST® Velocity Vortex is played on a 12 ft. x 12 ft. square field with approximately 1 ft. high walls and a soft foam mat floor. Matches are played on a Playing Field initially set up as illustrated below.

Velocity Vortex Game Court

Alliances: Two Alliances – one “Red” and one “Blue,” composed of two Teams each – compete in each Match. The object of the game is to attain a higher Score than the opposing Alliance by scoring Particles into the Corner Vortex and the Center Vortex, lifting Cap Balls, Capping the Center Vortex with a Cap Ball, Claiming Beacons, and navigating to specific parts of the Playing Field.

Scoring Elements:The Scoring Elements for the game are 10 Alliance-specific Particles (5 per Alliance) and 2 Alliance-specific Cap Balls (1 per Alliance). The game is played in two distinct periods: Autonomous and Driver-Controlled.

Autonomous Period: The Match starts with a 30-second Autonomous Period in which Robots operate using pre-programmed instructions only. Alliances earn points by: (1) Claiming Beacons, (2) moving the Cap Ball off of the Center Vortex Assembly onto the field floor, (3) scoring Particles in their Alliance’s Center Vortex or Corner Vortex, and (4) by parking their Robot in contact with the Center Vortex Assembly or Corner Vortex Ramp.

Driver-Controlled Period: The two minute Driver-Controlled Period follows the Autonomous Period. During this period, Teams earn points for their Alliance by: (1) scoring Particles into their Alliance’s Center Vortex, (2) scoring Particles in their Alliance’s Corner Vortex and (3) Claiming Beacons for their Alliance.

End Game: The final 30 seconds of the Driver-Controlled Period is called the End Game. In addition to the previously listed Driver-Controlled Period Scoring activities, Alliances earn points by (1) raising the Cap Ball off of the Playing Field Floor or (2) by placing the Cap Ball into their Center Vortex.


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