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2011 - 12 Bowled Over! Game Description

In Bowled Over! two teams are paired in an alliance and attempt to score points against an opposing alliance. The playing field is a 12x12 diamond that contains 100 racquet balls and 12 stackable crates that the robot can place balls into. The alliances gain points by putting the balls into crates and further points by then stacking the crates. The field has two home zones that contain a platform and a ramp and protected zones where the robot can place the stacked crates without another team's robot knocking them over. The field also consists of magnet balls and two six pound bowling balls, one for each alliance. These gain points by moving the bowling ball into your protected zone and putting the magnet balls in your crates. Each team will have to do this during a 30 second autonomous and 2 minute manual (player Controlled) period.

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