FIRST Tech Challenge

Team 92

Junior Bomb Squad




Team Members:

bullet Blair Brozynski
bullet Caleb Davis
bullet Harrison Blume
bullet Rachael Brozynski
bullet Courtney Crawford
bullet John Taylor Novak


bullet Andy Marts

2010 - 11 Team Members:

Blair Brozynski


Hi, I am Blair Borzynski.  I did Bomb Squad again because last year was amazingly fun and I learned how to build a shooting lever.  It was fun.  This year, I plan to program.  This year we will see what will happen. 


Caleb Davis


Hello, my name is Caleb Davis, I'm in 9th grade.  I'm a second year member of the FTC games.  I joined Jr. Bomb Squad team 92 in my eighth grade year.  After we went to the world robotics competition.  I rejoined in ninth grade to better my skills at robotics design and programming.  I want to go to Worchester Polytechnic Institute and become a designer and builder of military robotics. 

Harrison Blume


Hi, my name is Harrison Blume.  I attend junior high nineth grade.  I joined team 92, the Junior Bomb Squad, because I am interested in designing and building a robot to comlete a task.  This is my second year on the team and previous to this I was involved in FLL.  I believe I have learned a lot over the past years due to the FIRST programs. 


Rachael Brozynski


  Hi, my name is Rachael Brozynski.  I'm in the 8th grade at the junior high school.  I joined the Junior Bomb Squad because I though it would be a fun experience after going to competitions when my brother was on the team last year.

Courtney Crawford


Hi, my name is Courtney Crawford.  I attend the junior high and am in 8th grade.  I joined Jr. Bomb Squad because it was a good opportunity to be part of a team.  It has helped me with my less than ok math skills.  Engineering is a career that I would like to pursue in the future and Jr. Bomb Squad will help me to achieve that goal. 

John Taylor Novak


Hey, I'm John Taylor Novak and I'm in 8th grade at the junior high school.  I am planning to go to MIT to study robotics and I think FIRST will help me acquire the correct knowledge so I can get accepted.  I have been with robotics since I was five and have been affiliated to the Bomb Squad / Jr. Bomb Squad since then.  Robotics has been my favorite hobby since I can remember.  

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Andy Marts

I became interested in electronics and engineering in the 6th grade. I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked for Baxter Healthcare for 28 years. I mentor FIRST teams to show students math, science, and yes, even English are used in all facets of technological careers. Hopefully I can affect a student's outlook on school and provide the vision of a pathway to be successful in a technological career.

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