FIRST Tech Challenge

Team 92

Junior Bomb Squad




Team Members:

bullet Blair Brozynski
bullet Caleb Davis
bullet Dylan Connolly
bullet Harrison Blume
bullet Heather Tharpe
bullet Kevin Fulton
bullet Nicole Grover


bullet Andy Marts
bullet Vince Anderson

2009 - 10 Team Members:

Blair Brozynski


I am Blair Brozynski, I am 14 years and I live in Mountain  Home Arkansas. I joined robotics because it was the opportunity I have been looking for so that it might help me become an engineer.  Before robotics I didn't know anything about robots or how to build one ether.  Now I know a lot I mean a lot of stuff now. Soon I will become an engineer.


Caleb Davis


Hi, My name is Caleb Davis.  I am 14 years old and I live in Mountain Home.  I used to be in Lego league for two years before I learned about First Tech Challenge.  I want to go to ITT tech college and become a Robotics builder and operator for the army.  This is one step in the long road to my future. 

Dylan Connolly


Hi my name Dylan Connolly. I am 14 years old, I am originally from Albuquerque, new Mexico. I have no experience  what so ever in robots, I would like to go to collage someday. I believe the first robotics team will be the building blocks for the future ahead of me.


Harrison Blume


Hey, my name is Harrison Blume. I am 14 years old and I live in Mountain Home Arkansas. The reason I joined Jr. Bomb Squad is because it was an unpassable opportunity both for scholarships and fun. It has already given we a jump on my education.

Heather Tharpe


Hi. My name is Heather Tharp.  I am 14 years old and the reason why I joined this team is because I thought we were going to fight like hit the robot with a different robot, but I was wrong.  It is still fun.

Kevin Fulton


Hi. My name is Kevin Fulton.  I am 14 years old and I live in Henderson, Arkansas. I am in band.  I joined FIRST because I thought it looked interesting and would help me pursue my future career as a video game tester.

Nicole Grover


Hi. My name is Nicole Grover.  I am  14 years old and attend Mountain Home Junior High as a Freshmen.  This is my first year on the robotics team.  I joined because I thought it would be a good experience and people say good things about it.  I am also in the band and attend the Salvation Army church. 

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Andy Marts

I became interested in electronics and engineering in the 6th grade. I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked for Baxter Healthcare for 25 years. I mentor FIRST teams to show students math, science, and yes, even English are used in all facets of technological careers. Hopefully I can affect a student's outlook on school and provide the vision of a pathway to be successful in a technological career.

Vince Anderson

I really enjoy FIRST Tech because it can inspire young people and show the potential they can have integrating technology into their everyday lives.  As a teacher, it gives me the ability to see students mature not only in academics, but they challenge each other as a team and meet others in the community representing FIRST.  I am a mentor in FIRST Tech because it instills the technical tools in hands and minds.  I also love to see how FIRST instills a unique bridge to the community to support growing minds and attitudes that will inspire young people for the future.

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