FIRST Tech Challenge

Team 92

Junior Bomb Squad




Team Members:

bullet Matthew Dunn
bullet Alex Trevino
bullet Austin Jones
bullet Alex Anderson
bullet Addison Webb


bullet Andy Marts
bullet Michelle Anderson
bullet Vince Anderson

2008 - 09 Team Members:

Matthew Dunn


Hi, My name is Matthew Dunn and I am with the Mountain Home Jr. Bomb Squad. I am 14 years old and I am in 9th grade, I  joined the Jr. Bomb squad I would like to pursue a career in engineering. I have also participated in Lego League for 4 years and in FTC for a year. I also enjoy activities such as soccer, referring soccer games, shooting, hunting, trap, and collecting metals. I also enjoy school and my favorite subject are math, science, and agriculture. I really enjoy the FIRST program and hope it continues for the generations to come.

Alex Trevino


Why hello there, my name is Alex Trevino, I am 14 and in 9th grade and go to Mountain Home Junior High school. This is my second year on the Jr. Bomb Squad. I have a tendency to fix things when I have time. My main interest is construction, I've done it all my life. Last year went great and I hope this year will go even better.

Austin Jones


Hi, my name is Austin Jones and this will be my first year in robotics. I am excited to be on the FTC team. I go to the Mtn. Home Junior High School. Where I got in the robotics team. My brother Eric was in robotics, and he enjoyed it. So I decided to join, and I am glad I did. I am also in robotics because I enjoy building, programming, and controlling robots.


Alex Anderson


Hi, my name is Alex Anderson. I am 14 years old and I joined the jr. bomb squad because  I like programming and I enjoy the challenge that FIRST brings. Before I joined the Jr. Bomb Squad, I was involved in FIRST Lego League for two years. I also enjoy playing the guitar, history, and computers.

Addison Webb


Hi. My name is Addison Webb I'm 14 years old and i joined the Junior Bomb Squad because I would like to become a computer programmer. I enjoy many activities like trap shooting, hunting, experimenting with computers and playing golf. I am very exited about this upcoming year.

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Andy Marts

I became interested in electronics and engineering in the 6th grade. I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked for Baxter Healthcare for 25 years. I mentor FIRST teams to show students math, science, and yes, even English are used in all facets of technological careers. Hopefully I can affect a students outlook on school and provide the vision of a pathway to be successful in a technological career.

Michelle Anderson

My initial experience with FIRST was three years ago when my son joined a FIRST LEGO League Team.  He is now a member of the Junior Bomb Squad and I have the privilege of helping the team reach their goals.  I am a full-time homemaker and realize the importance of a well-rounded education and real-life experiences for today's young people.  Through FLL and FIRST Tech I have seen first-hand the positive influence the program has on young people.  FIRST teaches problem-solving skills, positive social interaction, and the everyday application of math, science, and communications.  FIRST gives young people of all ages the opportunity to grow in confidence and knowledge.

Vince Anderson

I really enjoy FIRST Tech because it can inspire young people and show the potential they can have integrating technology into their everyday lives.  As a teacher, it gives me the ability to see students mature not only in academics, but they challenge each other as a team and meet others in the community representing FIRST.  I am a mentor in FIRST Tech because it instills the technical tools in hands and minds.  I also love to see how FIRST instills a unique bridge to the community to support growing minds and attitudes that will inspire young people for the future.

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